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Management Team

The leadership team of Machark consists of experienced people from education industry and IT Industry. The managing director and founder himself is a seasoned Management enterprising professional passionate about building businesses in start-ups and Established ventures. Exemplary Profit Centre Management, Human Resource Management and cost optimization skills. Build three start-ups in Education Space.

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Board of directors

Training Solutions | Stay Solutions | Machark School

Our Board of directors includes eminent people and experienced professionals with decades of experience in education and IT space.

Machark was incorporated with the primary aim of bringing in revolutionary changes in the landscape in education ecosystem. it’s a brand which was created under the umbrella of leoclose educate pvt. ltd.

Machark has primarily three businesses. first one is into training and skill development, the second one is into schools, the third vertical will be into stay solutions for students.

Machark aims to create skilled manpower through training , it will impart training and learning solutions to corporate, mncs and public sector employees , were skilled employees is a major challenge . it will upgrade there skillsets. Machark will provide learning solutions in soft skills and high end technology trainings.

Machark will cater to all national & international clients at various levels by expert trainer for all level of Employee/ worker. Training is designed according to skill development mapping and competency mapping of employee/ worker. Executive training and development is a critical enabler in an organization’s pursuit of quality. In today’s knowledge based economy it is the ability to perform that will differentiate organizations. Thus organizations need to upgrade the knowledge and skills of their professionals to achieve mission and vision of cMmpany.

Machark aims to bring in revolutionary changes by using technology to create new age schools. It will create new age skilled, technology backed schools. At Machark we will make sure technology will be the differentiator when compared with other schools.

Machark will also foray into creating world class stay solutions for students . It aims to create hostel facilities for students were staying away from home to pursue higher education becomes a major challenge. Thus Machark will create an infra for them , thus try to create a home away from home . Hygiene, technology and safety will be top of the agenda while doing this.

Machark will also create a platform in E-learning space were technology will be the backbone of creating new learning techniques through pre-recorded videos and live streaming of lectures for end students and corporate . Machark wants to be a global leader in training, skilling and technological learning services.

Machark is one stop solution when it comes to training, schools, and staying solutions.

Thus Machark is committed to deliver all round excellence in education space and will make major strides to achieve that. Machark wants to bring in rapid transformation in this space were technology will be used.



To revolutionize the education system to train and educate , which encompasses not only knowledge but also enhances the talents and life skills necessary for the holistic development.


To guide, enlighten and educate society as a whole.


To elevate the knowledge of children and adults by equipping them with knowledge, expertise and skills required to transform them into leaders of tomorrow.


To empower and educate the society and transform them into leaders in every field.


To be the best when it comes to learning development, stay solutions and technology backed schools.

Core Value

1. Customer obsessed

2. Commitment

3. Perfection

4. Respect for individual and time

5. Above all Speed

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We have three brands under our Machark Group.


Which will be training, Stay Solutions brand of Machark group.


This will be the E –learning portal of Machark group.

Machark school

This brand will be for schools which will be operating under Machark group.