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Career with us

At Machark our hiring process is traditionally very different from other companies.

We hire people who are passionate about work , full of energy and always comes out with some out of the box ideas . We don’t go by qualifications only but we look for people who are game changers , aggressive , who takes on challenge We are always looking for people who want to make a difference with their work.

Share your CV at careers@Machark.com and we will reach out to you.


We are passionate about our mission in education space and want to bring in rapid transformation in this space.

Impact and Result oriented

If you are oriented towards making an impact and deliver quick results, then MachArk is the place for you! As an organisation, we focus on working fast and hard to make a quick impact.

Audacious Goals

As a company we are highly ambitious and we set insanely audacious goals for ourselves.

Obsessively Focussed

We are work obsessed bunch of guys with focus on our audacious goals we set for ourselves.

Infectious Energy

As a team we create a work environment which is infectious . Join us to be part of this buzz.

Innovation and Enterprising

We are enterprising bunch of people not afraid to experiment and innovate!

Game Changers and Disruptors

We would like to hire people who are game changers and disrupt the statuesque of education ecosystem by bringing in out of the box ideas.
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